The Best Davit Systems for Use in Confined Spaces

The Best Davit Systems for Use in Confined Spaces

A davit is a popular crane-like device made of steel or aluminum and designed for supporting, raising, lateral moving, and lowering people, working platforms, boats, anchors, or other heavy equipment. Davit systems can be used to lower a lifeboat to the embarkation level for boarding. They can be utilized as man-overboard safety devices to retrieve people from the water. You can also see people using davits when they are working on buildings with various terrace levels.

Considering that applications can be so different, it is important to make sure that the system you want to use is rated for your specific application, what you need to use it for and the weight it needs to support: fall arrest, rescue, or material handling. As a rule, temporary assignments require systems with a portable base that can be easily moved from one location to another. More complex projects require multi-piece davit systems with a permanent base and a variety of arm sizes, capable of being adapted to numerous access challenges. For example, if a hazardous work area, such as a tank or a vat, has to be accessed frequently, a davit system with a permanently mounted base is the best solution. Before starting a task that involves davit systems, you should refer to the product manuals to verify the maximum rated load of your lifting device. Davits should be used with the approved bases rated to support a maximum davit reach that matches your application.

Confined spaces can be found on the majority of job sites. Every year workers are injured there because the confined spaces have limited ways of entering and exiting which complicates their rescue in case of emergency. In confined space entry or rescue situations, an advanced davit system is a perfect way to lift and to descend workers or equipment.

Since confined spaces significantly vary in size, shape, and location, confined space safety systems are categorized into vertical and horizontal entry types. Entering confined spaces, such as a manhole on a street, requires the vertical confined space safety equipment. Some confined spaces, such as a tank, allow only an entry from a side. For these, you will need the side-entry or the horizontal type of equipment.

All system components must be made from tough materials strong enough to withstand exposure to the elements. A good idea is to choose a system that maximizes strength while minimizing weight. Powder coated and anodized aluminum construction offers durability and reduces overall weight.

Here are some great options for you to consider:

Skylotec Jackpod Davit Top Entry Set JP-100-1

jackpod set

The Jackpod Davit Top Entry Set by Skylotec consists of an upper pylon, a lower pylon, and a portable base. The portable system requires a small working base area and is easy to transport and store thanks to low weight and volume. It is recommended for use in confined spaces and for the rescue applications. High-quality finished aluminum and galvanized steel offer a high aging resistance. No tools are required for installation: the Hi-Viz, powder-coated, aluminum alloy components slide and click easily into work position.

The Pelsue Davit Retrieval System RK-EB1

Pelsue Davit Retrieval System

The Davit Retrieval System by Pelsue provides an excellent method of confined space entry and retrieval. The benefit of this lightweight and easily assembled system is that it can be easily stored on your truck. It is adaptable to a wide variety of access challenges. Kit Includes a portable three-piece base adjustable from 36 to 56 inches inside diameter, a cast davit system with adjustable offset reach from 18 to 24 inches, a winch-mounting bracket.

The Jackpod Davit system does not require a lot of routine maintenance: tightening of any loose fasteners and basic cleaning performed as part of the annual inspection are sufficient. Use a solution of warm water and a mild detergent to clean the system and the labels. Do not use solvents, as this may damage the powder coating.

The French Creek Complete Quad Pod Davit System FCPQ200

French Creek Complete Quad Pod Davit System

The Complete Quad Pod Davit Arm System by French Creek features a four-leg mobile base, a boom, a galvanized wire rope, and a winch. It can be used for confined space and rescue applications as an alternative to a tripod system. With the capabilities of an interchangeable arm, the quad pod base and the davit base can be shared between fall arrest, raising and lowering arm.

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