Sizzlin’ Summer Promotion

Sizzlin’ Summer Promotion

The hottest season of the year has just started. If you’re in a job that gets really hot or you’re just trying to do some projects around the home while the days are long, you probably know how unforgiving the sun and heat can be. We know that getting too hot can affect your productivity and safety while you’re at work, but we also know that the right gear for the job can make working a little easier. PK Safety has deals on the gear that you need to stay cool in hot conditions and comfortable outdoors, even on long summer days.

Whether you’re looking to stay cool, stay out of the sun, or protect yourself from the other hazards of summer weather and the outdoors, we have something to help. So take a break from your work, grab a cold, hydrating beverage, and see what we have to offer—and make sure to stick around for when we tell you about our summer promotion.

Gear That Keeps You Cool

Never underestimate the power of a quick dip in some cold water to keep you cool, and that goes for your gear, too. PIP has a Hi-Vis Yellow Evaporative Cooling Vest and looks like other ANSI Class 2 vests, but is made of high-tech cooling fabric: soak it in water, wring it out, and you’re ready to face a warm job site. The Phase Change Active Fit Cooling Vest is another PIP cooling product with flexible cooling options: your vest comes with four cooling inserts in different shapes and sizes, and an insulated pack to carry them in, allowing you to wear your packs in a way that makes sense for you. An hour in the freezer or a soak in ice water is all they need to keep you cool for hours. You can pair either of the vests with the cooling towel for reusable, evaporative cooling: rinse it before use for natural cooling you can wrap around your head or wipe yourself down with, and toss it in the washing machine after your job is done.

No time to let anything soak or freeze? Try something with cooling technology built in. The Draeger Comfort Vest with Cooling Technology doesn’t need soaking or freezing, but it still offers hours of cooling performance thanks to its Phase Change Material. As long as you’re sweating, whether it’s because you’re working hard or because your work site is really warm, the material in the inner lining absorbs the heat and becomes liquid, reducing your skin temperature. This vest can also fit underneath your protective clothing, ensuring that you’re comfortable no matter where you are or what you’re doing.

Gear That Gives You Shade on the Go

A good hat can help you stay cool by blocking out the sun, but the hats we offer can do even more. The PIP EZ-COOL Evaporative Cooling Ranger Hat with Neck Shade provides a wide brim that protects your face from the sun and shade in the back. It also features side vents that allow excess moisture to escape and cooling crystals activated by a quick soak in cool water.

If you need cooling technology but also the benefits of a hard hat, the lightweight PIP EZ-COOL Plus Evaporative FR Cooling Neck Shade can be attached to a hard hat with hooks and loops to protect your neck from direct sunlight. Soak it in water for hours of cooling and work comfortably knowing that the fabric is also self-extinguishing and has fire retardant properties that keep you safe from fire hazards on the job. For the complete package, the PIP FR Treated Hard Hat Visor provides hard hat protection, a neck shade in the back, and a brim in the front to shield your eyes and neck from the sun. It fits securely and is highly visible, providing maximum safety and protection in hot work environments.

Gear That Offers All-Around Protection

Warmth isn’t the only outdoor hazard, so make sure that you’re protected all over. The Pyramex Goliath Safety Glasses are stylish enough for casual wear but strong enough to stand up to workplace protection and will keep your eyes safe from UV-A and UV-B rays. If you’re looking for something that can stand up to military ballistic levels of impact that’s resistant to fogging and scratches, the ForceFlex Anti-Fog Ballistic Safety Glasses might be what you’re looking for.

If you’re worried about breathing well while on the job, stocking up on disposable masks is a great idea. The Moldex 2301 N95 Respirator with Exhalation Valve allows the wearer to breathe fresh air by filtering out oil-free particles and aerosols. It’s NIOSH compliant, gives you fresh air with every breath, and helps keep you cooler and more comfortable by preventing the buildup of moisture and heat.

If you have a whole team that needs sun protection, you need enough sunscreen to cover them all. We have Coretex’s SPF 30+ sunscreen in gallon-sized containers that provides enough sunscreen to support your whole team at an economical price, and we can talk to you about rate quotes based on your team size and location. If you’re looking for a smaller amount of sunscreen, Coretex also has an outdoor skin protection kit featuring a range of their products in one kit. It’s not just limited to sun protection, either. There are options in this kit to protect you from ivy, bug bites and stings, burns, itching, and bacteria, making sure that your skin is clean and protected.

PK Safety Has Hot Deals

If trying to service your device or keep cool at work is leaving you feeling a bit heated, PK Safety can help you cool down. We’re experts on health and safety at work, so whether you need the latest in safety products, service, customer support, or answers to your safety questions, we have exactly what you’re looking for. Call an expert at 800.829.9580 or send us your questions online.

Jun 19th 2018 Mindy W.

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