Roof and Fall Safety: Chance Takers Are Accident Makers

Roof and Fall Safety: Chance Takers Are Accident Makers

On average, there are more than 800 construction worker fatalities per year. Falls are the number one cause of fatalities among construction workers. Harnesses, self-retracting lifelines, and lanyards don't always provide enough protection. What you may not know is that OSHA regulation 1910.23(a) requires protection for floor openings.

Garlock Safety Systems has been addressing fall protection and roofing needs since 1959. Garlock’s manufacturing facility features a highly skilled American workforce based out of Plymouth, Minnesota. Some of their innovative solutions include the: Roof Hatch Protector, VersaGate, SkyGuard, and ScreenGuard.

Roof Hatch Protector and VersaGate

Roof and Fall Safety

The Roof Hatch Protector features three walls of double tiered railings securing the perimeter against people or objects falling through an open hatch. The VersaGate, included, completes the Roof Hatch Protector forming the fourth wall. Though the VersaGate may also be ordered separately in a variety of sizes with a universal fit for attaching to surfaces besides the Roof Hatch Protector. This item meets OSHA 1910.23(a) (8) and 1926.501 (b) (4) pertaining to securing holes that can be walked through.



The Skyguard sets up easily around skylights and floor openings. It's ideal for venting or smoke-hatch skylight protection. It's easy to transport between job sites or temporary situations. This item meets OSHA 1910.23(a) (4) and 1926.501 (b) (4) pertaining to securing skylights and holes.


ScreenGuards come in seven standard sizes though custom sizes may be made to order. They prevent objects or workers from damaging or falling through the skylight with a minimum load rating of 500 lbs. (may be greater depending on size of ScreenGuard).


The unit may be attached with a compression fit and doesn't require penetrating fasteners, adhesive or tape. This item meets  OSHA 1910.23(a) (4) and 1926.501 (b) (4) pertaining to securing skylights and holes.

One in three construction fatalities is caused by a fall. Safety doesn’t happen by accident. By securing hatches, holes, and skylights, you aren't just being OSHA compliant. You are also ensuring that your workforce returns home safe and mitigating the potential for injury related lawsuits and fines.

Aug 10th 2015 Alastar Kerpel

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