Rebel 33 ft. SRL A Great Choice for Fall Protection

Rebel 33 ft. SRL A Great Choice for Fall Protection

The Rebel 33 ft. self-retracting lifeline is a great choice for fall protection in a wide range of industries. This durable, affordable SRL comes with a number of functions and accessories that generally cost extra.

First it comes with a heavy-duty carabiner that is self-closing and self-locking. This attaches to the swiveling anchor loop at the top of the housing. On the lifeline, the Rebel 33 ft. SRL has a snap hook that also swivels. In tandem, these swivels work to reduce twists and kinks and allow the unit to work more smoothly.

The housing of the Rebel series of SRLs comes in either aluminum or high-impact plastic. Both have a built-in handle for easy transport around the job site, and the lifeline has a side entry that delivers less wear and tear on the device. While the aluminum is considered to be the more durable option, it also adds a little over three pounds to the unit. Thermoplastic is both dent-proof and lightweight, which makes it a great option for an SRL that is going to be carried around the site or between jobs often.

Each Rebel SRL is rated to 420 lbs. which means workers loaded down with tools will still be safe. If additional lengths are required, the Rebel series comes in 50 ft., 66 ft., 85 ft, and 100 ft. options. It's important to note that while the Rebel SRL is rated to 420 lbs. many harnesses are not. Please make sure your PPE matches in capacity before additional weight is taken aloft.

The Rebel SRL has two options for the lifeline - galvanized steel or stainless. While the galvanized is used on most sites, the stainless is preferred in more corrosive or marine environments such as offshore oil platform work.

If you have questions about the Rebel series of self-retracting lifelines, please contact us.

Jul 9th 2012 Justin McCarter

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