Promotion: $3 Off Moldex Pura-Fit 6800 Foam Earplugs NRR 33

Promotion: $3 Off Moldex Pura-Fit 6800 Foam Earplugs NRR 33

Sometimes noise gets to be too much, and when it does, Moldex's Pura-Fit Foam Earplugs offer heavy-duty noise reduction. In fact, their level 33 Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) is the highest level of protection you can get.

Normally you'd use a product like this to dampen the noise produced by jet engines or pneumatic hammers, but I like to use them to block out annoying household noises like gardening equipment. It should go without saying, then, that you can use these in a broad range of situations.

Though some people use them as all-rounders, they shine on industrial worksites where loud machinery can cause permanent hearing damage. Workers like them because their smooth foam construction is dirt-resistant, hygienic and PVC-free; employers love them because their fluorescent green color makes compliance checks a snap -- you can't miss 'em!

They're a synch to use too: just give them a quick roll in your fingers, stick them in your ears and wait for them to puff back to their original size. As they expand and create their seal, you'll hear the sounds around you slowly fade away and disappear.

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Order a box of Pura-Fits for your workplace today and get $3 off your purchase from now until December 4, 2011 by entering MOLDEX3 at checkout.

Nov 21st 2011 Rick

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