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Product Highlight: Maxi-Flex Ultimate Nitrile Coated Glove

Posted by PK Safety Team on Feb 27th 2012

Not long ago we welcomed a new glove into our product offering. Meet the Maxi-Flex Ultimate Nitrile Coated Glove by G-Tek, coveted for its fantastic abrasion resistance.

Abrasion Resistant Safety Gloves

Even in this technological age, a lot of folks still need to get their hands dirty. It’s best to have the right pair of gloves for these kinds of jobs and few are better than the Maxi-Flex Ultimate Nitrile Coated Glove by G-Tek. No single pair of gloves is perfectly suited for every job and it can be tough to figure out which kind of glove is right for you. A rating system known as EN 388 sheds light on the particular qualities of these gloves. EN 388 is a European system that rates a glove’s resistance to abrasions, blade cuts, tears, and punctures. Every pair of gloves scores differently, depending on the job for which it is best suited. These particular ones scored the highest possible ratings in resistance to abrasions and tears. These strengths make the gloves perfectly suited for tasks that require fine motor skills and tactile sensitivity, such as automotive repair or product assembly, in which there is little chance of the blade cuts or punctures one faces in a job like laying tile or cutting glass. Our customers love these gloves for protecting their hands while they handle rough materials. The best gloves are comfortable and protect the wearer in the right ways. If your next job involves abrasive tasks, then these gloves may be the right fit for you! Get your pair today!