Only Batman Could Live After a Fall Like That

Only Batman Could Live After a Fall Like That

I haven't seen it yet, so there's no chance I'm going to spoil it for you. Apparently the Batman movie features some very questionable safety practices. In fact "practices" is probably the wrong word. If you tried this once, that would be all the practice you received. Then you'd be dead.

Christian Bale aka Bruce Wayne aka Batman does some serious climbing with only a rope tied to a belt. Hasn't he heard of OSHA? Does he call that PPE? What's wrong with a full-body harness Mr. Wayne? Don't get me started on the rope. Rope? Are you kidding me? No energy absorbing characteristics?

Now granted, he is apparently in some difficulty when he attempts this foolish escapade. He's trying to escape from somewhere (see how vague I am so I don't ruin it for you?) But if someone can escape from Alcatraz or carve a gun from a bar of soap, isn't there any way to fashion a nice 5-point fall safety harness like the ExoFit NEX Wind Energy Harness?

OK, that might be a tough one if you've only got dental floss and a paper bag. Can't you get a call out? PK Safety can deliver a Delta Harness just about anywhere. Ships today! Trust me, Batman, it's going to be a whole lot better than damaging your internal organs and snapping your back (again).

So if you find yourself in some demented madman's torture chamber (let's hope it never happens) at least wear proper safety equipment when attempting to escape. If you snap your back, your are never getting out of that place.

Jun 12th 2015 Administrator

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