Oil & Gas Journal Features PK Safety Press Release

Oil & Gas Journal Features PK Safety Press Release

Published in the Oil & Gas Journal

PK Safety Supply announced the addition of real-time gas monitors to the line of products for oil and gas industry. BW Clip Series are reliable, maintenance-free gas detectors, specifically engineered for hazardous environments and extreme temperatures.

This new generation of gas detectors includes the real-time digital display of gas levels, the ability to calibrate the device, and the ability to put it into hibernation mode when not in use. H2S and CO models provide up to three years of operation and hibernation capability, and all models are maintenance-free with no need for battery charging or sensor replacement. BW Clip Series Real-Time Gas Detectors are based on Surecell™ and Reflex Technology™. Surecell™ is a unique dual reservoir sensor design that dramatically improves instrument performance, response time, and longevity.

Reflex Technology™ is an advanced automated internal test function that routinely checks the operating condition of the sensor to increase safety, up-time, and overall worker confidence. Specifically, there is an automated self-test of battery, sensor and electronics within the BW Clip Series.

The instrument management option with the IntelliDoX Management System combines smart docking modules, updated Firmware V 7.000, and Fleet Manager II 4.3.31 software. It ensures quick bump tests and calibrations, unmatched configurability, enhanced productivity, and the highest level of protection.

Download the full version of the press release: PK Safety Supply Press Release

PK Safety Supply press release Oil & Gas Journal publication

Originally published in the Oil & Gas Journal, Aug 1, 2016 issue, p.80-81 in a printed version, and p.95 in a digital version of the Journal.

Aug 19th 2016 Mila Adamovica

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