North By Honeywell Respiratory Protection

North By Honeywell Respiratory Protection

Respiratory protection is required when there is a potential for a harmful agent to get into your lungs. According to the U.S. Labor Department, an estimated 5 million workers are required to wear respirators in 1.3 million workplaces throughout the United States.

Respirators must be properly selected and fitted to provide the best protection to the users. Using filters and cartridges, alone or in combination, these devices can remove contaminants from the air, supplying clean respirable air. Depending on the type of respirator, devices can remove contaminants from the air or supply clean respirable air from another source.

Each working environment is unique, and should always be evaluated by a certified safety professional to determine the appropriate respiratory solution for the application. Alternatives may be a manufacturer’s representative or a trained safety sales person. Workers can file a complaint to have OSHA inspect their workplace if they think that their employer is not following OSHA standards.

North® Respiratory Protection

North by Honeywell provides superior respiratory protection from life-threatening hazards at workplaces. North-branded products are well-known for their excellent performance and high quality.

Here is a list of our most popular North by Honeywell respiratory protection devices:

1. North 7700 Series Silicone Half Mask


North 7700 Series Silicone Half Mask is considered to be a benchmark in half masks. The wide sealing area, made from 100 percent medical grade silicone, provides exceptional fit and comfort. Cradle suspension's woven straps offer maximum mobility without sacrificing support. It is NIOSH-certified for use with North N Series filters and cartridges.

2. North 5400 Series Full Facepiece


High quality, economically priced North 5400 Series Full Facepiece accepts all standard North filters and cartridges, including those for welding applications. With a full face mask, all the air in contact with your face and eyes has been filtered. Also, the lens is impact resistant, so no need for safety glasses. If you wear prescription glasses, an adapter is available. Key features include a lens with a 200-degree field of vision, excellent downward view angles, and a wide sealing area.

3. North RU8500 Half Masks

North® RU8500 Series Half Masks

North RU8500 reusable half mask with a speech diaphragm providing a better speech clarity is a redesign of the Sperian Survivair Blue 1™ half mask. It is NIOSH-approved and compatible with North N-Series cartridges, filters, and cartridge/filter combinations. A dual sealing flange is a key feature that ensures excellent facepiece seal. The North RU8500 comes with an option of either a standard industrial exhalation valve cover or a diverter exhalation valve cover.

If you are one of the folks that are lost in the process of selecting the right respirator for your project, here is a simple guide in a flow chart format that will help you find your perfect respiratory protection device. Click to enlarge the flow chart.

Flow Chart

If you have questions about the right respiratory protection for your specific application, please contact one of PK Safety Customer Service experts at 800-829-9580, or visit

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