Nano-Lok Edge Is The SRL For Leading Edge Workers

Nano-Lok Edge Is The SRL For Leading Edge Workers

As construction projects take shape there is often no place overhead to attach fall protection equipment. This means foot level connections need to be made, and the fall protection has to be rated for the extra forces that can be generated from a fall. Enter the Nano-Lok Edge self-retracting lifeline from DBI-SALA.

The Edge series of Nano-Lok SRLs have 8 ft. galvanized steel lifelines. Steel is used for lifelines in leading edge work because there are often unfinished, sharp edges that could cut less sturdy materials in the event of a fall. Because of the additional fall forces generated when anchorage attachment is secured at foot level (as opposed to overhead) the entire SRL needs to be more durable. From the wide range of connection devices - steel snap hooks, aluminum carabiners, pelican hooks, and everything in between - to the durable housings, the Nano-Lok Edge is designed to stand up to the additional pressures possible when working on the leading edge of a construction site.

In addition to the added strength of leading edge fall protection, DBI-SALA has made the Edge SRLs with new harness attachments called a Pack Adapter. Instead of the traditional method of having two SRL housings flopping around on the worker's back attached to the dorsal D-ring, DBI-SALA designers made the Nano-Lok Edge to connect to the nylon straps under the D-ring, for a closer primary attachment point, as well as to the harness straps below the D-ring. These three points of contact stabilize the unit on the back, making climbing and working more comfortable.

The Nano-Lok Edge is lightweight fall protection that's also heavy duty. Challenging work requires innovative solutions to fall protection, and the improvements Capital Safety and DBI-SALA have put into this fall protection system represent the current best in the industry.

If you have questions about leading edge fall protection, the Nano-Lok Edge series of SRLs, or fall protection in general, please don't hesitate to comment on this blog or contact us online at or give us a ring at 1-800-829-9580.

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