Need a Vest That Meets ANSI Class 3?

People contact us all the time asking for reflective vests that meet the ANSI Class 3 requirements. The fact is there is no Class 3 vest unless you are Andre the Giant and wear a size 4XL.

Class 3 Vest vs. Class 2 Vest - What's the difference?

Class 3 (or Class III) "vests" are designed to provide the highest level of visibility in extreme weather situations and around traffic going more than 50 mph.  They are required to have 1,240 inches of fluorescent background fabric and 310 inches of reflective material.  That much fabric is going to make one heck of big vest.  That’s why the typical garment that meets the minimum Class 3 requirement is actually a short sleeve shirt with reflective tape.

This fact, however, will not stop everyone from calling them Class 3 vests.  Try not to let it bother you too much.

So what are the differences between Class 2 and Class 3 vest requirements?  About 465 square inches of fluorescent material and about 109 inches of reflective tape.  Class 3 vests are designed to provide great visibility during intense weather such as hurricanes or blizzards, or to be worn by emergency personnel and traffic teams working on freeways and highways.  Class 2 vests are designed for moderate risk: school crossings, parking lots, traffic direction.  Because of the less stringent requirements, they are smaller than Class 3 vests.

For more information about the apparel requirements, check this handy 3M information sheet on ANSI 107-2004

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Dec 21st 2011 Justin McCarter

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