How We Develop Product Expertise at PK Safety

How We Develop Product Expertise at PK Safety

Continuous product innovation and increased functionality of the products we offer creates a need to continue to learn new information about the various top brand products we carry, and new products that hit the market. This helps our team remain experts in the industries we serve and allows our sales team to assist customers in determining what products they need for their specific application. Product knowledge is fundamental for our team’s success. We work with manufacturers to deliver highly effective product training - providing the latest and most relevant product information. Allegro Industries Regional Sales Manager, Mario Mendoza joined us for a great training in June 2017.

Highlights of the Allegro Industries Training

Allegro Industries is a valued brand we carry that consistently provides outstanding product training, solid products, great prices, and availability. They engineer and manufacture product systems within specific categories including powered air respirators, ventilation equipment, respiratory accessories, and confined space equipment. With his expertise and experience in the industry, Mario was able to describe and educate us about their product line and the latest product innovations in an easy-to-understand format. He featured the Ambient Air Pump A-750 and the Air Filtration Panel 9872  by Allegro.

Ambient Air Pump

We learned that low-pressure Ambient Air Pumps differ from Air Filtration units: they are electrically driven, oil-less compressors, and are usually placed in locations with fresh air, away from work areas. The Ambient Air Pump is designed for use with constant flow respirators only and does not have the psi or CFM capabilities to run a pressure demand respirator. Applications include spray painting, spray coating, fiberglass coating, pharmaceutical manufacturing, spray foam, chemical handling and mixing, pesticide operations, light grinding, medical facilities, foundries, building, construction, restoration. The Air Pumps do not require temperature alarms, CO monitors or airline filters, so they are considered a cost-effective way of providing air supply.

Air Filtration Panel

The portable Air Filtration Panel is engineered to convert air into Grade-D breathable air by filtering out impurities (particles, fumes, moisture, hydrocarbons). You may use NIOSH-approved constant flow and pressure–demand respirators with this panel. It is important to know that the best practice is not to mix an airline and a respirator from different manufacturers.

Allegro designs and manufactures their products for maximum convenience and ease of use in the field, which allows users to feel confident about the performance of the products they purchase. We are looking forward to their next product training in our office.

Building the expertise of our team has a positive effect on the PK Safety team’s performance, as it helps salespeople sync up with the latest market demands. We have strong connections with manufacturers. They provide excellent training on their products and explain what customers’ needs and solutions they provide. It’s not just a general PowerPoint presentation with some key features mentioned, but rather a live demonstration of the products, followed by a Q&A session to make sure everyone is up-to-date and can get clarification on product or application issues. At PK Safety, our sales and marketing teams participate in product learning sessions provided by the manufacturers’ representatives.

If someone from our sales team can’t make the live training, our video library is available to help them tap into the product knowledge base. Given the wide range and the complexity of the product lines that we sell, our sales team is provided with the opportunity to watch training videos that our marketing team records during product training sessions, so our new team members can reinforce their product knowledge, and our sales experts can brush up their product knowledge on-demand.

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Aug 22nd 2017 Mila Adamovica

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