Hearing Protection for High-Pitched Sounds

Hearing Protection for High-Pitched Sounds

We recently got a question about hearing protection, and the answer could be useful for all of our customers.

I need hearing protection for a variety of high-pitched noises. My lab has machinery that makes a constant high-pitched noise. It is not very loud, but listening to it all day can wear on me. I also live next door to a Kindergarten and the high-pitched screams of the kids can get annoying. What hearing protection do you recommend for blocking out high-pitched noises? Can I reuse disposable earplugs?

I recommend the Howard Leight LPF1 disposable earplugs. Earplugs provide the best hearing protection, and this particular model is the most comfortable.

Earplugs, hearing bands, and earmuffs, would all work in this situation since none of the noise is particularly loud. All of these types of hearing protection are great at protecting against high-pitched noises. Earplugs are rated the highest in terms of protection, but some people do not like the feeling of them in their ears. That being said, I would say the best type of hearing protection is the one you’ll wear.

The LPF1 earplugs can be reused, but over time the foam will lose its “oomph.” The other thing to keep in mind is, since you roll these earplugs down with your fingers, they can get dirty. You should be very cautious about putting a dirty earplug in your ear. We also sell reusable earplugs.

If you have any questions about which hearing protection is right for your application, don’t hesitate to contact us and ask. Have a quiet day!

Apr 4th 2011 Administrator

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