Have Your Rain Gear Ready Before The Rain Hits

Have Your Rain Gear Ready Before The Rain Hits

The same thing happens every season. The first rainy day of the year we receive hundreds of orders for rain gear. We have walk-ins who stand dripping at the counter while our warehouse guys find right sizes for them. It's like a holiday. Unless you are the foreman or the employer, and then it's just wasted, unproductive, money-losing time.

We all know it's going to rain again this year. The problem is, none of us wants the good weather to go away. Ordering rain gear while it's sunny outside smacks of pessimism. But it's also practical. Pressing the purchase button on the PIP West Chester FR 3-Piece Rainsuit isn't going to make the first storm of the season come any faster. But it is going to help when it arrives.

Don't fool yourself. It's coming. It doesn't matter if you believe in global warming or not. It doesn't matter if the crops in Nebraska are dry as the Sahara. Rain is coming this season to a job site near you.

So do yourself a favor and be prepared. The PIP  Waterproof Hi-Viz Safety Coat is a great choice if you need to work in inclement weather on a regular basis, or you are likely to have a long rainy season.

Another good choice for rain protection are neoprene products. PIP makes a Premium Rain Jacket and pants with double-stitched and taped seams. These are made with a .35mm neoprene coating over a more comfortable nylon fabric base, and even offer great resistance to chemicals, oil, and acids. So you'll be protected even if it's acid rain in the forecast. Let's hope that doesn't happen.

Protect yourself and the rest of your crew by having the right rainwear on hand when the wet weather comes. If you have questions about the equipment we offer at PK Safety, please give us a ring or contact us here.

Aug 27th 2012 Justin McCarter

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