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GRIT: Built for Durability and Safety

Posted by PK Safety Team onFri Jun 07th 2019

When it comes to flame resistant clothing, you have a lot ofoptions to choose from. But some FR clothing and safety products are betterthan others. If you invest in quality FR products, you and your team will have the right tools to staysafe on the job, and you’ll be better equipped to handle the task at hand. Justlike better quality wrenches work better and last longer, the same philosophy appliesto your FR equipment.

Our GRIT clothing line is made with quality materials that willlast the test of time. Learn more about what makes GRIT one of the best FRclothing brands on the market today.

Madein the Americas for Lasting Quality

Here at PK Safety, we only use fabric that was manufacturedright here in North America. We work with domestic and North American suppliersto make sure our FR clothing can stand up to the most extreme workingconditions.

We choose North American suppliers for more qualityassurance and shorter lead times. Asian manufacturers tend to be associated with a lapse in quality.It may also take several months for products and supplies to be shipped fromAsia. But with North American suppliers, we can receive materials in just a fewweeks. This gives us a chance to review and test the materials before puttingour products on the market. If we notice any issues with the product, we canquickly send feedback to the manufacturer and receive a new shipment withoutmissing important deadlines.

It took us approximately nine months to choose the rightsuppliers for our GRIT FR safety line. We received and tested samples from 10different manufacturers across North America before making our final decision.We had to be sure our suppliers were doing everything they could to keep ourclients and customers safe on the job. These manufacturers were alreadyfollowing industry safety standards, helping us streamline the manufacturingprocess.

Every item in our collection features thick, reinforcedfabric that will protect you and your employees from extreme temperatures andpossible fire hazards. We also use high-quality zippers that won’t break downover time. You can use these products again and again without putting youremployees at risk. Remember to properly maintain your FR clothing andequipment. Keep it in a safe, dry place and inspect your clothing before eachuse for the best results.

UL Classified

Our GRIT FR clothing line is also UL classified. This is thegold standard of the safety product industry. Underwriters Laboratories is anon-profit organization that regularly inspects safety products and evaluatesthem based on the latest industry standards. Having the UL classification meansthese products have been inspected and passed by the organization, whichmeans they’re safe to use in the field. Underwriters Laboratories will even inspectthese products as the years go on, making sure they still comply with industrystandards.

Buying UL classified safety products means you’re getting what you pay for, using theright FR and safety products on the job.

Serving WorkingProfessionals for Over 70 Years

PK Safety has been serving working professionals for over 70years. We know this industry inside and out, giving us the knowledge andexperience we need to manufacture some of the best FR clothing on the market today. We go above and beyond the latest safetystandards to make sure our clients and working professionals everywhere canstay safe on the job.

But creating effective FR clothing isn’t enough. We alsowant to keep our customers comfortable on the job. Weunderstand that if our clothing is uncomfortable or has an awkward fit, workers will be less likely to wear them in the field. That’s why weoffer a variety of different sizes and styles, so everyone, regardless of theirbody type, can find the equipment they need to work safely. We even tested ourproducts after they’d been through the wash multiple times to see if the material changed interms of its effectiveness, color, or wear-ability.

We understand that you have a lot of options when it comesto outfitting your staff with the right FR products. But nothing beats thelasting quality of our GRIT FR clothing line. Getting the job done all startswith quality safety tools and equipment.

Contact theprofessionals at PK Safety today to learn more about our GRIT products.

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