Flame Resistant Work Clothing Made in the USA

Flame Resistant Work Clothing Made in the USA

Flame resistant clothing is essential to workers in a number of trades. We've found Saf Tech work clothing to be both extremely high quality and an excellent value for electricians, power plant, and utility workers.

Saf Tech clothing was started and continues to operate in Houston, Texas (Texas forever!). They use state of the art manufacturing processes to stay ahead of the requirements imposed by ASTM, NFPA and OSHA. Saf Tech is committed to both US manufacturing and a 100% guarantee that their construction is impeccable. If you have a problem with a Saf Tech garment's sewing or material, the company will replace it. Period.

As a distributer of Saf Tech work clothing, we have found their products to be superior in material and design to the majority of other options in the marketplace. Contractors working with high voltage electrical find their Saf Tech coveralls to be some of the best, most comfortable work clothing ever. And they really have that Steve Austin, 6-Million Dollar Man look going for them as well.

Saf Tech FR (Flame-Resistant) clothing is designed to protect against potentially fatal flash fire and arc flash events. FR clothing provides the worker a few seconds of necessary escape time by preventing immediate clothing ignition. The majority of severe and fatal burn injuries in these situations are due to clothing igniting and continuing to burn against the wearer and not from the exposure itself.

FR clothing is worn to increase the probability of survival. The aim in the design of both fabrics and apparel is to lower the risk of injury and possible death.

If you have questions about your specific application and which FR clothing would work best for you, please don't hesitate to call 800-829-9580 for more information.

Sep 29th 2015 Justin McCarter

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