Confined Space Permits

Confined Space Permits

What is a confined space permit? A confined space permit is a piece of paper that documents and acknowledges work and safety procedures when entering permit-required confined spaces. Our definition of Confined spaces are large enough for a person to enter, but have restricted means of exit. This might be a tank, a tunnel, a sewer or some other industrial space. There is usually only one restrictive (smaller than a doorway) way in or out, and it is not designed for continuous occupancy. Lack of adequate ventilation also plays a factor. A permit-required confined space is distinguished by potential for immediate danger to the health and safety of those who enter it. (Get a confined space holder board.)

What should it say?

  • In general, a confined space entry permit contains the following information:
  • The name and location of the space
  • Purpose for the entry (Why you’re entering, what you’re going to do, etc.)
  • Date and time period for entry
  • Names of people entering or attending (This way everyone knows who entered and when they got out safely)
  • List of the identified hazards
  • Readings of gas detectors prior to and during (intervals) entry
  • Equipment – protective and rescue
  • What to do in case of emergency

Confined space entry is serious business and having a documented procedure is just one of the many ways a safety culture in your company or team is built and maintained. Do you have any other questions about permits? Ask us in the comment box below. ( Buy a pad of 100 Confined Space Permits)

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