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3M 6000 Lead and Asbestos Respirator Combination


3M P100 Particulate Filters (Pair) 2091

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NIOSH Items: We only sell brand new respirators, filters, and dust masks from US based manufacturers. Since it can be difficult to determine if a respirator or mask has been used or even just tried on, for the protection of our customers, we do not accept NIOSH returns.

The 3M 6000 Lead & Asbestos Respirator Combination is our most recommended and popular respirator package for lead and asbestos protection. We have combined the 3M 6000 Half Face Respirator with a pair of 3M 2091 P100 Filters to help protect against asbestos, lead, and cadmium dusts. This respirator combination also provides effective protection for most types of welding. If your job requires wearing a respirator for a long period of time, consider using a 3M 7500 Respirator. Use the Asbestos Mask if you are working on older heating vents or ducts, popcorn ceilings, automotive brake linings or pipe insulation. Use the NIOSH-approved 3M 6001 Organic Vapor Cartridge with the 3M 6000 or the 3M 7500 Series masks for the protection against a wide variety of organic vapors. Take a look at our Lead and Asbestos Removal Kit that gives you everything you need to complete your home improvement projects. Also, make sure to check out the 3M Full Face Respirator that offers the highest level of protection.

Be sure to wear the mask for protection against lead dust created from grinding off old paint. This 3M HEPA mask and filter combination also offers excellent protection for those sanding or cutting fiberglass or working with fiberglass insulation. This mask is a key part of our Lead and Asbestos Removal Kit.

If ventilation is less than optimal, like when using a heat gun to remove lead-based paint indoors, we suggest moving to the 3M 60926 Multigas/P100 Cartridge. This will add a charcoal layer to absorb any vapors that might be generated. However, please note that carbon monoxide (CO) is not removed by this or any other cartridge and that CO is potentially deadly. The importance of good ventilation can't be overemphasized.

The 3M 6000 Lead and Asbestos Respirator Combination may also be used for respiratory protection at indoor shooting ranges. Depending on the ventilation, many shooters report elevated levels of lead in their bloodstream, which is an obvious health hazard. As a lead dust respirator, this mask provides HEPA level protection for your lungs. Lead also clings to clothing. If you have young children at home, it is best to wash your shooting clothing separately from the family laundry. The disposable 3M Lead Dust Mask is also available.

Assembly Includes: 3M 6000 Half Mask Respirator (1 each, choose size) 3M 2091 P100 (HEPA) Filter (1 pair) *Filters attach directly to the mask with 1/4 turn bayonet-style connector. Other 3M filters will also connect to this mask. The video below shows how to assemble and wear the mask.

Mask Sizing: Respirator mask sizes are not quantified with measurements. When choosing your mask size, take into consideration your past experience purchasing hats or glasses. If you typically purchase larger or smaller sizes based on the size and shape of your face, consider doing so when selecting the size of your mask. Usually, customers with large faces or prominent noses use the large size, while the rest usually use the medium size.

The Respirator Fit Testing Kit is available to determine a perfect fit.

Part Numbers:
6100 Mask and pair of 2091 Filters - Small
6200 Mask and pair of 2091 Filters - Medium
6300 Mask and pair of 2091 Filters - Large

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