Welding Safety Protection

Welding comes with its fair share of potential hazards. Sparks tend to fly, which means you’ll need to protect yourself from exposure. Areas to keep in mind are; eyes and face from flying sparks and infra-red radiation, flame retardant clothing to resist hot metal embers, and gloves suited to the type of welding being done.

Keeping your eyes safe has to be a top priority. The intense infra-red light from torch and plasma cutting, or flying sparks and debris, are tailor made to injure your eyes. Wearing safety glasses at all times is required. In addition, either a welding helmet, shield or shaded glasses will protect you from the intense light. Auto-darkening helmets automatically adjust your vision when arc welding, and have become very affordable. Selecting the right gear reduces the hazard exposure to keep you safe.

Flame retardant clothing, including aprons and sleeves, help protect you from the constant bombardment of hot sparks. For our professional welding customers, who spend full shifts welding, these tools of the trade must provide long service and offer comfortable protection.

Hand protection is right down where the action is. Depending on the type of welding, the glove choice ranges from lightweight and flexible, on up to heavy reinforced leather. For MIG and TIG, a soft leather drivers style of welding gauntlet is preferred. While arc welding generates lots of heat and flash, and needs the heavy insulation and thick leather to keep your hands safe.

We also offer a range of welding safety accessories. Welding umbrellas are a popular choice for use outdoors, where they keep sun and rain off while you are concentrating on your work. The FR materials used ensure that your entire kit is suited to the job.

To stay safe on the job, come to PK Safety for all your welding safety needs. We carry some of the best safety equipment brands in the industry, including 3M, Allegro, and MCR Safety. If you have any questions about proper welding safety or any of the products listed below, don’t hesitate to contact the professionals at PK Safety. Place your order today and start welding with more peace of mind.