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UltraTech Amperage Controller for Tactical Welder 4803

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UltraTech Amperage Controller for Tactical Welder offers variable current control, quick and easy set up, and connections and settings for multiple welding applications. This controller is designed to provide 30-300 ampere welding control and the ability to save the desired ampere for the specific welding job. The full-wave phase control circuitry minimizes power loss, thereby reducing energy requirements. The controls provide variable ampere adjustment, allowing the end-user to select the desired current. Important features such as RFI Filter, built-in screen, knob selector and inline Anderson connectors are standard. Designed to be connected and powered in-line with the Tactical Welder.

Applications:Communications Tower Repair, FarmingEquipment Repair, Railroad Maintenance & Repair, Infrastructure & Bridge Repair, Amusement Park Maintenance, Off-Road Vehicle Repair, Roadside Truck Repair, Automobile Racing, Offshore Oil & Gas Equipment Repair, Oil Field Maintenance, Shipyard & Marine Maintenance & Repair, Mill Maintenance, Plant Maintenance, Fence Repair, Roofing Repair, andHVAC Repair.

Key Features:

  • Input: 27V DC | Max Current: 300 AMPS
  • Operating Temp.: -20° F to 140° F (-29° C to 60° C)
  • Built-in screen
  • Anderson connectors 250V
  • 18-inch-long, 6 gauge power cables
  • Cooling fan
  • Aluminum case with heat-rated plastic end covers

Product Number:

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