UEi Heat Pump Install Kit 511KIT

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UEi Heat Pump Install Kit provides the recommended test instruments required by heat pump start up manuals for proper installation and maintenance. Most equipment warranties require initial install readings to be documented upon installation. Kit is packed in this UEi Tool Backpack. Built rugged, waterproof base, two compartments with inner pocket options and includes D-clip.

Key Features:

  • Manufacturer requirements to maintain warranty
  • CFM via external static pressure test
  • System is free from refrigerant leaks
  • Proper high voltage to power supply and ground
  • Low voltage meets wiring diagram requirements
  • Evacuation Suction & Liquid valves
  • Temperatures of Suction & Liquid lines
  • Superheat and Subcool values for adjustments


  • Static Pressure Manometer Kit (EM201SPKIT)
  • True RMS Clamp Meter (DL579) Refrigerant
  • Leak Detector (RLD15B) Wireless
  • Wireless Refrigeration Analyzer (HUB8)
    • 2 Wireless Hygrometers
    • 2 Wireless Pressure Probes
    • 2 Wireless Temp. Pipe Clamps
    • 1 Wireless Vacuum Gauge
    • 1 Wireless Outdoor Temp. Probe
  • UEi Tool Backpack

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