Twin-Talon 100 Pct Tie-Off Self Retracting Lifeline

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The Talon 100 Percent Tie-Off self retracting lifeline from DBI-SALA offers continuous fall protection. With 2 independent lifelines, you can attach one lifeline leg to the anchor point, move to a new location and connect the second, then disconnect the first and move again. This "leap-frog" action provides 100percent protection while moving from one location to another. Each lifeline works independently,extending up to 6 feet and automatically retracting providing fall protection and mobility 100Percent of the time! The Twin Talon attaches to any Delta or Exofit harness (not included) by means of a locking clasp that goes around the harness webbing just above the d-ring. A securing strap then holds it in an upright position. After attachment, the standard back d-ring remains available for use. The Talon unit comes with a Delta Comfort Pad that may be used if you have a Delta harness. Exofit users will not need this, since padding is built in to that design. Also included are two Lanyard Keepers. These attach to the front of your harness with velcro, giving a handy place to secure the hooks when not in use. As with any self retracting lifeline, it is best to be secured to an anchor point overhead. In this manner, the total fall distance (free-fall + deceleration) is limited to 42 in. or less. By reducing fall distance, the arresting forces are kept to a minimum.


  • Lifeline: 6 foot length each leg
  • User Weight Capacity: 75-310 lbs.
  • Anchorage Handle: Steel, locking type, quick-connect
  • Retraction Spring
  • Stainless steel brake
  • Heat treated alloy steel and stainless steel Size: 7.2 in. length x 3.8 in. width x 2.6 in. thick
  • Max. Arresting Force: 900 lbs.
  • Maximum Arresting Distance: 42 in.
  • Average Locking Speed: 4.5 ft./sec
  • Meets or exceeds all applicable industry standards including OSHA, ANSI Z359.1, CSA Z259.2.2 (type 1)

Part Numbers:
Aluminum Rebar Hook 3102000: with 2007153 2-1/4 in. throat opening aluminum hook on each lifeline
Steel Rebar Hook 3102003: with 9510057 2-1/4 in. throat opening steel hook on each lifeline
Steel Swiveling Snap Hooks 3102002: with 9500100 3/4 in. throat opening swiveling steel hook on each lifeline

Additional Details:

7.00 LBS
10.00 (in)
8.00 (in)
13.50 (in)
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Weight Capacity:
310 Pounds
Safety Standard:
Country of Origin:
United States