Savox Hardline Communication Kit CSI-1000

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We're confident the Savox Hardline System Kit is the best choice for your company's confined space communication needs. The Savox Hardline System features military-grade cable and is as reliable and simple as possible. It's easy to see why it stands above the rest. The basic kit includes built-tough, proven-effective pieces, including the CSI-1100 Mini Module Base Unit, a throat mic with a speaker and an alarm button, a speaker harness, a headset with 32 in. cord, and a 50 ft. cable with a connector on each end . It's simple to put together and to use, and completely reliable. All Hardline equipment is intrinsically safe, waterproof, portable, durable, and works one-hundred percent of the time. The confined space radio system uses military-grade connectors, gold-plated contacts, and O-rings on all the openings. The hardline system is not flashy. It doesn't bounce signals off satellites in deep space, or exist in an imaginary cloud inside a computer. None of those things matter when you're trapped inside a confined space. What you need is proper communication with someone on the outside, and the Savox Hardline System is the safest, best option for delivering uninterrupted two-way communication. You'll always have effective two-way communication, even in harsh conditions or in high noise levels. Once you've made the decision to purchase the Savox Hardline System, don't worry about over-complicated connections and assembly. In just a few minutes, your system will be ready to go. Set-up is quick and hassle-free. There are just a few pieces, and the system is fully adaptable. The CSI-1100 Mini Module Base Unit is battery-powered, and doesn't require cumbersome power cables. Just four AA batteries will last you 200 continuous hours. All connections between the base unit and other equipment are a snap, literally. It takes just a push and a twist to hold the connections in place after the red dots on the base and cable have been lined up. The base unit can handle three people, one above and two in the confined space, but additional modules can be added to the base unit, allowing more users. A larger base unit, the CSI-2100 Command Module, is also available for those who wish to customize their kit. The triple-shielded thermal plastic cable is as tough as the system and made with care. The basic kit comes with a 50 ft. cable. The throat mic uses vibrations from the vocal chords to ensure that you'll always be heard. Savox offers absolutely the best throat mic on the market. It's so good that many other industries are using Savox's mic for their own needs. When every word is important, you shouldn't take chances on your mic. Headsets are built to high quality standards, guaranteed to last in rough and hazardous environments. The Savox headsets are made for comfort without sacrificing clear, reliable voice communication. If you'd like to discuss options for customizing the Savox Hardline System beyond the basic kit, please contact PK Safety's Customer Service Department at 1-800-829-9580. We'll be happy to assist in matching the Savox Hardline System to your specific needs.

Kit Includes:

  • 1 x CSI-1100 mini module
  • 1 x Behind head headset - 32" cord single side
  • 1 x Face mask rescue comset wit hspeaker & alarm button
  • 1 x Speaker harness
  • 1 x 50' Cable with connectors, strain relief & snap hook  

Kit Features:

  • Hands-free/full-duplex two-way voice communication.
  • Use in encapsulated suites with respirators or any make/model of breathing apparatus.
  • Intrinsically safe
  • Non-RF emitting
  • Conforms to MIL-STD 461
  • Chemical resistant
  • Reliable, rugged
  • Waterproof
  • Private network

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