Savox Communication System 50 ft. Cable 0302-17-015

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With a confined space communication system as tough and reliable as Savox's, no ordinary cable will do. This cable is what ties the system together, and it's built to handle anything nature and your job site can throw its way. The cable is custom made, with a triple-shielded Santoprene thermoplastic. It's made to withstand contact with many chemicals and oils, and is also waterproof. The cable has gold tips, and solid connections are made effortlessly with a push and a twist. Strain relief and a snap hook bring added comfort and ease when handling the cable. We love the Savox Hardline Communication System because it does exactly what it's supposed to do. The bells and whistles have been replaced by quality components. Savox systems properly set up work 100-percent of the time, every time. The system uses military-grade connectors, and can stand up against anything that's thrown its way inside a confined space. You won't find a better cable, or system, anywhere.


  • Coated with triple-shielded Santoprene thermoplastic
  • O-rings throughout
  • Gold tips Military-grade connectors
  • Tensile strength of 164 lbs.
  • Resistant to a wide variety of oils, chemicals, and solvents
  • Lightweight - 250 ft. of cable weighs less than 12 lbs.
  • Waterproof

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0302-17-015 - 50 ft

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5.00 LBS
8.50 (in)
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12.00 (in)
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