Rope Grabs and Lifelines

Rope grabs and lifelines provide continuous fall protection. Rope grabs allow you to move up and down vertical lifelines with ease. Trailing models offer complete hands-free operation for increased productivity. In the event of a fall, rope grabs lock quickly. Shop trusted brands like DBI-SALA, Miller Honeywell and Petzl. Self Retracting Lifelines (SRLs) offer movement, both vertical and horizontal, relative to a traditional lanyard. Choose a secure anchorage point overhead, whether at the top of a ladder, in combination with roof safety equipment or a high beam in a construction site. The cable or webbing pays out according to your movement, retracting as you return, then stopping in the event of a fall or sharp movement. Most units incorporate a shock absorbing feature, which limits the force of stopping. Take care when choosing an anchor point, trying to reduce or eliminate the possibility of a swing fall. That is, the SRL stops your fall, yet you still swing into another object for a secondary impact. Whether you call them yoyos, tower climbing gear, safety lanyards, seat belts, fall limiters, or something we've never heard of, SRLs provide excellent fall protection for those working at heights.