RKI Wireless Gas Detectors

RKI Wireless Gas Detectors

RKI Instruments offers a wide range of fixed wireless gas detectors that detect the presence of hazardous gases in confined spaces, such as manholes, utility tunnels, battery charging rooms and other areas with poor ventilation. The sensor that is chosen for your application will monitor the space for the target gas continuously.

They are typically mounted to the wall in a place where that target gas is known to appear. 

In real-time, the gas detector connects wirelessly to a receiver or gas monitor station. It will upload data to the program, including the current levels of the target gas type. The sensor uses a standard frequency, either 900 mhz (U.S.) or 2.4 ghz (E.U.). Using a wireless gas detector makes it easy to monitor the space from a distance. Workers can quickly assess air quality without physically interacting with the monitor. The monitor will trigger audible and visual alarms when the target gas surpasses the acceptable limit, so workers can exit the area or take additional precautions as soon as possible. 

If desired, standard 4-20 maV contacts can activate other devices, such as strobes or ventilation systems. Data logging within the controller keeps track of these events for later review and attention.

We sell a range of RKI fixed gas detectors, both wire and wire-free, at PK Safety and have everything you need to use and maintain your equipment in the field. We have also partnered with RKI to bring you RKI Fixed Gas Detection Turnkey Solutions, a complete done-for-you package of fixed systems gas detection that's implemented and backed by RKI. The Turnkey Solutions are customized to include site assessments, design, construction, start-up, installation, system maintenance, and comprehensive training. The RKI fixed gas monitors we carry can be applied to these Turnkey Solutions. RKI Instruments has a long history of manufacturing quality gas detection equipment for workers in high-risk industries. Learn more about these devices to find the right equipment for your facility or jobsite. 

How Long Does a Gas Detector Last?

 RKI gas monitors come with the company's multi-year warranty, which covers the cost of repairs. A wireless gas detector should last between five to eight years when appropriately used. Sensors, depending on the specific type, will have a warranty of their own. The monitor should be recalibrated at least every 6 months to ensure accurate readings. 

Where Should I Place My Gas Detector?

The detector should be placed in a secure, dry location to protect it from damage—Research the target gas to find the best location for your wireless gas detection systems. The height of the monitor depends on the density of the target gas. Hazardous gases will either sink to the floor or float to the ceiling depending on whether they are heavier or lighter than air.

Please browse our selection of wireless gas monitors from RKI Instruments to protect your workers from combustible gases. Contact PK Safety to learn how to select the right gas detection equipment for your worksite.