Respirators & Filters

PK Safety carries excellent respirators and filters for your remediation and clean air needs. In addition, we now carry PAPR, EEBA and SCBA systems for facilities as well as welding helmets and filters for your full protection in the factory or industrial work environments. Our Lead and Asbestos Removal Kit includes an asbestos mask, a hazmat suit, gloves, and goggles. We can also help you find a reliable Petzl helmet or other types of hard hats that provide superior head protection.

Our most popular respirators are the 3M 7500 Respirator, the 3M 6000 Half Face Respirator, the 3M 6500QL Half Face Respirator, 3M Full Face Respirator, 3M N100 Mask, and more. One of the main advantages that we have found in going with the 3M brand of respirators is that the filters and cartridges are widely available almost anywhere in the country and many places around the world. Many customers have commented to us on this convenience. While we would very much prefer that you buy them from us, it is comforting to know that in a pinch, replacements can often be found locally.

*Information about the mask sizes and the filter selection is available on their individual pages.