Respirator Accessories

If you or your team are working in an environment with poor air quality, including those with wildfire smoke, gas, and other types of pollution, everyone will need to wear a respirator. Anti-pollution face and dust masks and respirators are extremely effective, but you may also need a range of respirator accessories, such as respirator bags, filters and cartridges, wall cases, air supply hoses, cleaning wipes, and plastic disc covers. Depending on the nature of your work environment, additional protection may be required. 

These respirator accessories are designed to keep you and your team moving in the field. You can use carrying cases, backpacks, and wall cases to keep respirators easily available throughout your facility or work environment. Air quality can change on a dime, so your team should have immediate access to respirators if the threat becomes more severe. You can also use cleaning wipes to keep your face masks and respirators clean. If you plan on having your team use respirators more than once, you can easily wipe them down before handing them off to one of your employees. You can also use air filters, motors and supply tubes to pump additional oxygen into your work environment.

PK Safety is known as one of the most cost-effective shopping sites for safety gear. These accessories provide added protection and they help you make the most of your respirators. Browse our selection of respirator kits and accessories below to give your team everything they need to breathe easy in the field.