RAE Systems ToxiRAE 3 CO Gas Detector G01-0101-000

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The ToxiRAE 3 from RAE Systems has been designed to answer your concerns about downtime. With single-gas monitors for carbon monoxide and hydrogen sulfide being used in great numbers, some other brands have been troubled by reliability issues. To excel in this market, RAE knew that this was the big challenge to sort out.

Key Features:

  • High performance miniature sensors are soldered in to combat vibration
  • Adjustable alarm set points
  • Intuitive control interface
  • Steel case is tougher than plastic and defeats EMI
  • IP-67 waterproof and dust resistant
  • 12 second bump test
  • Replaceable battery to make sure you get full sensor life, no matter how many times the unit goes into alarm

These features, among many more, offer unequaled cost of ownership value. To further enhance ease of use, The ToxiRAE 3 is compatible with the AutoRAE Lite Bump and Calibration Station. This device means quick (12 second) bump checks and automatic record keeping. The idea is a total package to retain the instruments in the field where they belong, so your workers stay safe and productive.

Hazardous Environment Certification: US and Canada: C1D1, Groups A, B, C, D, T4 Europe: ATEX II 1G EEx ia IIC T4 IECEX: Ex ia IIC T4

Each Monitor Sold Separately Includes:

  • Operation manual
  • Rugged alligator clip
  • Functional gas test adapter
  • Calibration certificate

Pack of 10 Monitors Includes:

  • 10 ToxiRAE 3 monitors (all with the same sensors)
  • 2 CDs with Operation manual
  • 10 Rugged alligator clips
  • 2 Functional gas test adapters
  • 10 Calibration certificates

Pack of 100 Monitors Includes:

  • 10 packs of 10 monitors (100 each)

For bump test and calibration, use cylinders that contain either 10ppm H2S or 50ppm CO.

FAQs: How Often Do I Need To Calibrate My Monitor?

Total Weight: 3.5 oz (99 gr) with battery

Available in 3 Models: G01-0101-000 CO 0‰ 500ppm (resolution 1ppm)

Part Numbers:

H2S 0‰-100ppm G01-0102-000 (resolution 0.1ppm)

H2S 0‰-100ppm G01-0102-010 (pack of 10)

H2S 0-100ppm G01-0102-100 (pack of 100)


CO 0‰-500ppm G01-0101-000 (resolution 1ppm)

CO 0-500ppm G01-0101-010 (pack of 10)

CO 0‰-500ppm G01-0101-100 (pack of 100)


CO 0‰-1999ppm G01-0103-000 (resolution 1ppm)

CO 0-1999ppm G01-0103-010 (pack of 10)

CO 0-1999ppm G01-0103-100 (pack of 100)

Additional Details:

3.00 LBS
8.50 (in)
1.00 (in)
12.00 (in)
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Gas Type:
Carbon Monoxide (CO)

1 Review

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    A GOOD CO Gas Detector

    Posted by FlashFire on Mar 5th 2015

    Well, I have not had this unit for very long, but so far I am very impressed. I am a Firefighter, and I am carrying this unit as a warning device, and as a back-up to our big hand-held 4-gas meters that we carry in the Engines. A buddy of mine has had this unit for a few years, with no problems at all, so I went for it. The ToxiRAE 3 gas detector is compact, easy to use and read, reliable, and very rugged. I expect no problems deploying it in the most stressful situations, and if anything it is equal to or more accurate than the bigger 4-gas meters. Given that it is only $200, while the bigger Engine-mounted 4-gas meters run $2000 to $4000 or so, the ToxiRAE is a great bargain!