RAE QRAE II & QRAE III Compatible Accessory and Calibration Kit

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Protect and enhance the capabilities of your QRAE II or QRAE III Gas Detector with the deluxe Accessories and Calibration Kit (CSK2). The kit comes with a hard carrying case to keep your calibration supplies handy, and to provide protection while transporting the gas monitor from site to site. Six feet of inert Tygon tubing are also included to provide extra reach when monitoring remote confined spaces before entry. If your monitor is a diffusion monitor which must come into physical contact with the atmosphere before providing a reading, the sample probe allows you to draw air before entering. Water filter traps (3) are also included that prevent water from reaching and possibly harming the sensors.

Please Note: For calibration and bump testing, a canister of calibration gas is included with this kit as well as the required gas line regulator. The calibration gas ships separately via UPS Ground because of HazMat restrictions, as well as the required gas line regulator. Note: calibration gas is not returnable. Please check your selection carefully before ordering.

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