Pyramex G204 Goggles

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Commonly called chemical splash goggles, the Pyramex G204 Goggles contain indirect vents to restrict the influx of liquids and an elastic headband. The goggles seal off your eyes from splashes and falling debris common to painting, demolition and asbestos removal projects. They contain scratch resistant 100 percent polycarbonate lenses inserted into a PVC frame. The lenses provide 99 percent protection from UV-A and UV-B rays which is a benefit if you are working outside painting houses or sanding fiberglass. The Pyramex G204 Goggles were previously called the SG204 Goggles. Meets ANSI Z87.1 standards.

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11 Reviews

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    Posted by Fred on Feb 17th 2015

    A very fair price especially for the great quality, I highly recommend PK SAFTY!

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    Posted by Randy Marsh on Nov 6th 2014

    If for any reason anyone needs to bulk order goggles this is the way to go. Used the goggles for protection during an airsoft balloon shoot out. Event went well an no one lost an eye.

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    I see

    Posted by DLS of KY on Nov 3rd 2014

    I got these to use with the half mask respirator recently purchased. The goggles have good eye protection and they do their job well even with the half mask.

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    Can't live without these

    Posted by Renovating 1790's house on Jul 14th 2014

    If you are renovating, or demoing - these are a must have! They do an excellent job of protecting your eyes from falling debris or dust. We're removing old plaster and lath, and these were a lifesaver. I looked a little like a mad scientist, but I wore them every day on site.

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    Posted by Russell Doherty on Aug 26th 2013

    One pair of goggles I purchased (out of two) had continual problems with the lens falling out of the frames. I did end up gluing the lens into the frame.



    Comments from PK Safety:

    Thanks for your feedback Russell. Sorry you had problems with the Pyramex goggles.

    We have contacted the manufacturer to see if they have reported any similar problems, and while they haven't and we haven't received any other returns, we are sending you out a new pair.

    I've inspected this pair personally so I know it will be good.


    PK Safety Customer Service

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    Good Product

    Posted by AWD on Aug 26th 2013

    The goggles were comfortable and fit well, but definitely fogged up a lot. I was using them during asbestos abatement and repeatedly had to wash my head and face off in order to take the goggles off and rinse the condensation out. They don't claim to be fog-free in the description, but if you're at all concerned about that you may want to look at a more expensive pair that may have the fog free coating.

    Comfortable, large lenses

    Fogged up quickly

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    Good for the price

    Posted by Andrew on Aug 26th 2013

    I used them in a 100+ degree crawlspace to keep the dust fiberglass out of my eyes. They worked great but fogged up, not immediately, but after a couple of hours or so up there. Of course, they are not advertised to be fog-free, so after some substantial use in the heat, fogging up might be expected. When I ordered them I didn't consider that, but it wasn't much of a hassle, really. They did exactly what I needed them to do inexpensively and effectively, and they took some abuse. I will still use them for abrasive blasting.

    Tough, kept the eyes protected well, inexpensive

    Fogged up

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    quick delivery !

    Posted by george campos on Aug 26th 2013

    sweating , moisture problems

    All safety - prices

    rather have glasses type for better prices

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    Cheap, but fog up too easily

    Posted by Maura on Aug 26th 2013

    I know these aren't anti-fog glasses but they were hot and fogged up quickly


    hot, foggy