Pyramex Capstone Combination Goggles and Face Shield

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Capstone's combination goggles and removable face shield provide outstanding protection from flying debris. Vent caps on the goggles can be removed to provide extra ventilation or closed for complete chemical splash resistance. The Capstone goggles exceed all ANSI Z87.1 2003 High Impact Requirements as well as OSHA safety glasses requirements. They also meet CAN/CSA Z94.3-02. The goggles' soft vinyl body and adjustable elastic headband comfortably conforms to facial contours to create a secure fit -- even over prescription glasses. The goggles come with two tear-away visor films that can be peeled off to restore clear vision when the original becomes dirty or scratched. Additional visor films available in packs of 6. The ratcheting full-face shield is vented, providing excellent protection against splash and dust. Secondary eye protection is not required when using this product.

The Pyramex Capstone Goggles without a face shield is also available, for jobs that do not require as much protection.

Part Number: GG504TSHIELD

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16 Reviews

  • 5
    Very user friendly

    Posted by Phil on Aug 26th 2013

    These worked great as an impact shield. The detachable goggles are also great for general eye safety.

  • 5
    Perfect mask for the job

    Posted by Sander on Aug 26th 2013

    When I first got the mask I was impressed by the quality of both the design and the build. When I first put it on, I was immediately thrilled by how well my prescription glasses sat under the goggles. I had some fogging issues but, once I removed the plastic vent caps, that went away. I wore it for more than an hour under rather intense conditions, and it was comfortable and provided the protection I needed.

    Well designed, flexible, comfortable, and accommodated my prescription glasses. Great value for the price!


  • 4
    Definitely well designed and built.

    Posted by Mike on Aug 26th 2013

    I bought the #3 shield and goggles to use while I braze. I am used to occasional splatter and I found this and it solved my problem. The shield is quite rigid and the materials are sufficient for the price point. I would have preferred a little better anti-fog protection but the heat of the torch seems to act as a defogger and the vents are sufficient to delay the fogging to keep it from being an annoyance. That is the only reason I gave it a 4 out of 5 stars.

    It is quite possible that the lens cleaner is leaving a residue on the mask so perhaps avoid using them and get yourself a nice lens cloth.

    Well designed and good functionality


  • 3
    Training safety

    Posted by Nick Brewer on Aug 26th 2013

    We intend to use this item as a protective training mask for Simunated (paint style) engagements. So far all users are happy with the impact protection and high visibility. The only given concern is the minimal forehead protection. Understanding this is not the intended use, it is an improvement over conventional paintball style masks in all other aspects.

    Broad visibility and superior impact protection even at close distances.

    Minimal forehead cover.

  • 5
    I love my mask

    Posted by Harry on Apr 15th 2013

    I bought the goggles with face shield for two things..First, I wear one when I am driving my bass boat on a cold morning, it works great.
    Second, I use the other one for weed eating and I am very happy with it. I am impressed at the high quality and the low price.
    I highly recommend this goggles/facemask...

  • 5
    Best Mask for the money

    Posted by Britt on Mar 12th 2013

    This mask is an excellant safety shield for woodturners needing protection from flying pieces of wood while using a lathe. Not only does it meet all required safety standards, it also offers additional protection in heavy duty glasses/goggles. Anyone using a lathe or other machine with moving parts would be smart to consider having a sturdy mask / shield like this to protect eyes and face. I would highly recommend this product to my friends too.

  • 5
    Where was this 10 years ago?

    Posted by Miles on Feb 19th 2013

    I am a landscaper and use a gas trimmer every day. I wear goggles but often get hit with rocks in the face. I've used this for the last week and like the added protection. Makes me feel like Freddy Krueger a bit but at least I'm safer. Fits over my sunglasses.