Manhole Pumps and Accessories

A lot of necessary work takes place in manholes, but manholes are also dangerous places to be. They are confined spaces with fall hazards and a significant risk of contamination. To ensure safety and meet site requirements, workers need the proper equipment and other protective measures.

Allegro is one of the trusted brands we carry, and they offer many options for manhole water pumps and accessories, including submersible pumps for dewatering and sludge removal. A manhole safety cross is a must-have for manhole work as well: you can quickly and easily reduce a manhole opening size and minimize fall risks with no damage to the street or manhole.

PK Safety is your trusted provider of confined space pumps and accessories that you need to get a job done safely. Work tents, guard rails and winches, discharge hoses, lid lifters, and more are available. A safety expert can answer your worksite safety and equipment recommendations and help you find exactly what you need.