Protecta Rebel 33 ft. SRL Galvanized Cable Aluminum Housing 3590510

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The Rebel 33 ft. (10m) Self-Retracting Lifeline with 5mm galvanized cable, aluminum housing, and carabiner. The Protecta Rebel is a fall protection solution that doesn't compromise budgets or safety and gives workers added mobility. These SRLs incorporate a lifeline that extends and retracts automatically, allowing unhindered movement around the work area. A brake activates in the event of a fall, stopping the worker within inches and limits arresting forces to OSHA and ANSI requirements. Rebel continues to set performance standards beyond compliance, while providing a substantial value compared to competitive models. Built for commercial construction, industry and manufacturing, refinery maintenance and construction, and residential construction

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Lifeline Material:
Country of Origin:
United States
Weight Capacity:
420 Pounds
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