PIP - Protective Industrial Products

PIP - Protective Industrial Products

Since its creation in 1984, Protective Industrial Products (PIP) has been one of the most trusted manufacturers of products that help keep America’s workers safe. The U.S.-based manufacturer produces brands including ATG, Dynamic, Ironcat, and more. Whether you’re a construction worker, emergency responder, working in the food industry, or any number of other jobs, you can find thoroughly-tested and well-designed PIP gloves and industrial safety products suited for your work. PIP is well-known throughout many industry professionals due to their products as well as their commitment to innovation and attention to customers and distributors alike. They’re a top protective equipment brand, global leader in the industry, and manufacturer of a catalog of over 5,000 general safety products—a selection of which we’re very proud to carry at PK Safety.

Get work done at heights with PIP fall protection products. You might be secure at the top of your worksite, but that’s not necessarily the case with your tools—PIP has solutions for that. We have PIP tool tethering kits, wristband holders, sling loops, and other solutions for keeping your tools from falling. The 3 Piece Tool Tethering Kit is a durable, long-lasting solution for preventing tools from being dropped, with one lanyard, six connectors, and a roll of tape to secure a variety of tools.

The tools, supplies, and other safety equipment you need to do your work easily and comfortably might be available from PIP, whether you’re doing a DIY project at home or punching into work at a job site. We carry gear suited for traffic safety workers, welders, oil and gas workers, and wildfire clean-up crews alike. PIP respirators, filters, and even cloth masks can help you breathe a little easier on the job. Ergonomic protection can make your work comfortable for longer and save your joints from wear and tear over time. And no matter where you are, don’t forget to keep a first aid kit and some skin protection handy. For basic safety equipment that can get you working right away, the PK Safety PPE Kit provides some equipment, including gear manufactured by PIP, that can outfit road crews, volunteer services, and emergency services workers.

PIP is a leader in hand protection and related safety gear: it only makes sense for us to carry PIP gloves. We carry gloves that are suited for an array of industries, job descriptions, and hazards. Gloves made of string-knit fabric or leather; gloves designed for mechanics and riggers; and gloves that can resist chemicals, temperature extremes, and cuts are all available. There are also options for workers that handle sensitive materials, from very small parts to products that must be kept sterile and free from contamination, that protect products and workers’ hands alike. For workers that need high-level cut resistance with the tactile sensitivity for small tools and parts, Great White Dyneema Gloves could be a good option. Heavy duty welding or cutting work calls for an extended length Welder’s Glove to cover the hands and more of the arms. For a glove that’s as good in the garden as it is in construction, the Seamless Crinkle Grip Gloves are a budget-friendly choice that’s breathable, ergonomic, and provides great protection and grip in wet or dry conditions.

Get outfitted from head to toe for any job in any season with PIP workwear. If you’re working when it’s wet out, PIP has rain suits and other waterproof or water-resistant gear to keep you warm and dry; for jobs at night, inclement weather, or other low-visibility conditions, ANSI rated high visibility clothing and vests are the way to go (this Two-Tone Jacket provides superior visibility with an inner fleece liner that’s warm, quick-drying, and removable); for cold-weather gear, try their winter workwear, sweatshirts, and cold-weather hats (and maybe buy some Heat Packs to pass around when things get really chilly); and for summer, use their lightweight, cooling workwear and wide-brimmed protective hats and headgear (and some EZ-COOL Cooling Towels for wiping down pulse points and providing cooling comfort in warm environments).

We also carry workwear for different worksite hazards. Safety glasses and other eye protection solutions are a good idea on most job sites, and we have protective, fashion-forward options with anti-reflective treatments, anti-fog treatments, and protection for UV light and special glasses for welding eye protection. There are even comfortable glasses without metal components for safely working around electricity. For chemical protection, we have hazmat gear and safety aprons from PIP that can help you keep your entire body protected (for example, Posi-Wear FR Coveralls are disposable and designed to be worn over your primary gear in areas where sparks are present in order to protect clothing from contaminating dirt and oil). Keep your head covered with protective headwear, helmets, and hard hats for jobs of all kinds. And for those jobs that need you to be around electricity, flammable objects, open flames, or other fire-related hazards, PIP has certified flame resistant and arc flash clothing (and PK Safety has a PPE 2 Arc Flash Kit designed to comply with the NFPA 70E 2012 standard, which includes dual-certified coveralls, a hard hat and arc shield, balaclava, safety glasses, and carrying bag).

PIP has been in the business of innovation, safety, and positive customer experiences for over 30 years. Safe and comfortable workers are productive ones, and PIP has developed solutions for many potential hazards from industrial worksites to your own backyard. They also strive for more sustainable ways to create and bring you safety products and hold their suppliers and partners to higher standards as well. PIP strives to bring the best of the world to you through development, training, and manufacturing safer workplaces, and we at PK Safety strive to bring you the best in safety knowledge, experience, and equipment, which is why PIP is one of our top brands and why we’re so happy to recommend their gear to our customers.

Information about individual PIP protective products can be found on their pages. For answers to any of your industrial PPE or workplace safety questions, or if you want to know more about a particular PIP product, contact a PK Safety expert.