Oil and Gas Safety

Having the right safety gear is essential when you’re working in the oil and gas industry. Oil and gas are filled with hazardous toxins that can be harmful to your health but working at an oil production facility or petrochemical plant can be messy, so it’s best to gear up before you head out into the field. Oil and gas can easily get on your skin if you’re not wearing the right personal protective gear. Our exclusive line of FR Clothing, GRIT, can keep you protected.  Also, use thick, insulating gloves to protect you and your team from these hazardous chemicals. These gloves will also keep you and your team warm if you’re working in sub-zero temperatures. Our gloves come with a reinforced grip to help your team stay agile on the job. 

At PK Safety, you’ll also find a range of harnesses and protective equipment to help you avoid any accidents on the job. Oil tends to be slippery, so your team needs to use caution when walking around the facility or working on elevated surfaces. Use fixed beam anchors, full-body harnesses, safety cables, D-rings, and retracting lifelines to keep your team safe on the job. Your team should always have a safety mechanism in place when working above ground level or descending. 

Browse our selection of safety tools and oil and gas personal safety equipment, many of which are made in the USA, to avoid any accidents on the job. Your team can work with confidence knowing they have everything they need to complete the task at hand.