Moldex 9000 Full Face Respirator Combination w P100 Filters 9000-7940

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This Moldex reusable full face respirator and 7940 P100 Filter Disks are multi-use. The filter provides respiratory protection in many workplace situations, as well as home use applications. Because of its high-efficiency level, the P100 filter is approved for worksites where lead, asbestos, inorganic arsenic, or cadmium is present. A P100 filter is necessary for all tasks that raise any type of dust or radioactive particles or creates mists, fumes, and chemical vapors. Also ideal for non-urethane spray painting (urethane paints that contain isocyanates which cannot be filtered out). We also offer a reliable asbestos mask if you are involved in working on home winterization, heating vents, or removing popcorn ceilings. The 3M 6000 Lead & Asbestos Mask Combination is our most recommended and popular respirator package for lead and asbestos protection.

*Note: Please fit test each user to ensure the respirator will work properly for full protection and reference OSHA regulations on respiratory protection (29 CFR 1910.134).

Part Numbers:
9001 - Small
9002 - Medium
9003 - Large
7940 - Filter Component

Additional Details:

1.50 LBS
7.00 (in)
7.00 (in)
10.00 (in)
Protection From: