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Moldex 7000 Half Mask Respirator and 7640 Cartridge Combination


Moldex 7940 P100 Filter Disk (Pair)

Moldex 7920 Filter Disk Piggyback Adapter (Pair)

Moldex 7600 Multi-Gas / Vapor Smart Cartridge (Pair)

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NIOSH Items: We only sell brand new respirators, filters, and dust masks from US based manufacturers. Since it can be difficult to determine if a respirator or mask has been used or even just tried on, for the protection of our customers, we do not accept NIOSH returns.

The Moldex 7000 Series Half Mask Multi-Purpose Respirator is the complete package, giving you the flexibility you need when matching required respiratory protection with the work environment. With this multi-purpose respirator set, you receive:

This respirator and filters combination package is the most affordable way to protect your workers in most types of work environments. This multi-hazard respirator complies with NIOSH standards and OSHA regulations, easily meeting the requirements of your respiratory protection program. The respirator mask, HEPA filters and multi-gas and vapor smart cartridges are also great to have on hand at home when doing yard work, working on home remodeling tasks, cleaning your home, or doing hobbies where sawdust, paint, chemical odors, or other small particles are released into the air. Let's take an in-depth look at the many benefits of this multi-hazard respirator package: When it comes to value, there's none better than this safety mask. The design and technological features of the Moldex 7000 Series Half Mask Multi-Purpose Respirator redefines durability, high performance and comfort. Take a look at the quality and advanced components of this Moldex breathing mask:

  • A modern design that provides the user with a comfortable fit. The Moldex half mask multi-purpose respirator is lightweight, compact, adjustable and provides a custom fit on any face shape. We've heard that workers like wearing this reusable respirator, which means your respiratory protection program compliance rate will soar!
  • The 100% PVC-free respirator mask is sturdy and durable - performing in extreme temperatures and humidity, and holding up to the wear and tear of long-term use. That means great savings for you.
  • Incomparable safety features like a wider field of vision, lock-in safety switch on the neck strap and a user-friendly exhale cover to ensure the mask is working properly. Plus, this reusable half mask respirator accommodates workers who wear welding helmets or safety glasses.

It's easy to see why this filter mask is called a multipurpose respirator. Depending on which smart cartridges and/or safety filters you attach, you are assured of worry-free breathing protection for a multitude of work environments. Here's just some of the many industries where this multi-use respirator provides breathing protection to workers: printing, food processing, textiles, chemical manufacturing, electroplating, construction, automotive, health services, petroleum refining, electroplating, waste processing, dry cleaning, embalming, and mining. Independent contractors, do-it-yourselfers, crafters, and allergy and asthma sufferers also like using this reusable respirator for respiratory protection when performing various projects, house cleaning, or to protect their lungs from irritants.

What's great about the multi-gas and vapor cartridge is that it does so much, cutting down on your need to purchase filters for reusable respirators for each separate contaminant in your work environment. This multi-purpose cartridge has been NIOSHA approved for protecting workers from formaldehyde, ammonia, chlorine, hydrogen sulfide, chlorine dioxide, hydrogen fluoride, sulfur dioxide, hydrogen chloride, methylamine, and organic vapors. Talk about multi-tasking! It's easy to see why this Moldex multi-gas and vapor cartridge is the most popular respiratory protection filter. This multi-hazard filter cartridge is ideal for all types of manufacturing and processing, laboratory settings, health services, mining, heat treating operations, agricultural work, and other work environments where one or a combination of hazardous gases or vapors are present. The multi-purpose cartridge is a must when working with chemicals, nitric acid, dyes, resins, fluorocarbons and anything nuclear, radiological or chemical. Do-it-yourselfers will come to rely on the Moldex multi-gas cartridge filter when degreasing, sandpapering, working with chemicals, applying pesticides, or other home projects where acrid odors or hazardous fumes result. Plus, you can pair this multi-hazard filter cartridge with the P100 particulate filter included in this combo package, adding even greater lung protection to your filter mask. You can't find better functionality in safety cartridges! Smart cartridges are not only smart in providing lung protection, they're also smart in ease of use. Workers simply snap the respirator cartridges on to each of the mounts on the Moldex half mask respirator and the filter mask is ready to provide the necessary respiratory protection. These safety cartridges give you everything you need for safety on the job! The Moldex P100 particulate filter disk is lighter than a traditional filter cartridge and provides exceptional lung protection against hazardous particles. Certified in meeting NIOSH standards and having a 99.97% or greater filter efficiency, this HEPA filter (High Efficiency Particulate Air filter) protects against asbestos, lead, cadmium, inorganic arsenic, and oil and non-oil based particulate aerosols. The particulate respirator filters also protect against contaminants listed in OSHA regulations requiring a respiratory protection filter. The P100 filter is commonly used by welders, painters, woodworkers, lab workers, and agricultural workers. This particulate filter can be used alone or in tandem with other Moldex NIOSHA approved filters and cartridges to provide a wider scope of protection against hazardous substances. Some of the work environments where this HEPA filter is most advantageous are metal processing, pharmaceutical, construction, agriculture, welding, spray painting, woodworking, fiberglass insulation, nuclear and battery manufacturing. The multiple use filter also protects against fumes, mists and smoke from chemicals originating from plants, animals or carbon compounds, as well as radioactive particles. At home, this P100 filter is versatile indoors and out. From respiratory protection against dust, pollen, flour, household cleaning products and other irritants that bother allergy sufferers to breathing protection when spray painting, woodworking, sanding, creating sculptures, or working on cars, this particulate filter provides all the protection you need. The Moldex breathing mask enables you to use the P100 particulate filter alone or in combination with other particulate respirator filters. With the Moldex Piggyback Adapter, included in this combo, you can easily attach safety cartridges for whatever the situation calls for. The multiple use filter piggyback adapter adds versatility to your Moldex half mask respirator. Workers can quickly and easily attach respirator filters and respirator cartridges using the piggyback filter adapter.

*Note: Please fit test each user to ensure the respirator will work properly for full protection, and reference OSHA regulations on respiratory protection (29 CFR 1910.134).

Part Numbers:
7000 - Moldex Half Mask Respirator
7600 - Moldex Multi-Gas Vapor Smart Cartridges
7940 - Moldex P100, HEPA-rated filter disks
7920 - Moldex Piggyback Adapters


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