Latchways RH2 R20 PRD (Personal Rescue Device) Harness 68202-00LUS

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The Latchways RH2 R20 Personal Rescue Device (PRD) is a simple solution to your company's complicated post-fall rescue procedure needs with a 2-point harness and built in rescue device. Instead of relying on third parties to retrieve a suspended worker, they'll be able to self-rescue without any specialized training. The lightweight, unobtrusive PRD is an integrated harness system for self rescue. The Latchways PRD wears like a typical 2-point harness (chest D-ring), but features an evacuation pack with 65 ft. spool of Aramid rope on the back. When workers experience a fall, they'll be able to smoothly and safely rescue themselves by pulling a cord on the shoulder strap of the harness and letting the rope slowly lower them. Featuring quick-connect leg and chest straps for simplified donning and taking off, The Latchways PRD is also lightweight, made from high-strength materials, and comfortable enough for extended use. The whole rescue process only takes a few seconds and uses a brake mechanism and spool with a 20m (65 ft) cord to gently lower the faller to the ground. Should a worker become unconscious during a fall and unable to rescue himself, the PRD allows for a secondary rescue using another worker. A Latchways R20 Rescue Pole activates the release mechanism, and the worker is lowered to safety. Figuring out an OSHA-compliant rescue plan for after a worker experiences a fall can be a challenging and complicated task. Latchways PRD makes it easier than ever for workers to effortlessly self-rescue and return to safety from up to 65 ft. above the ground. We stock this item and ship it from our warehouse in the USA.

Key Features:

  • Two point harness (dorsal and chest attachments)
  • Meets requirements of ANSI Z359
  • Simple cord self-rescue system
  • Safely lowers from as high as 65 ft.
  • Lowering speed between 1.6 ft. and 6.6 ft.
  • Quick-connect leg and chest straps
  • Chest D-ring attachment
  • Size medium/large
  • 130-310 lb. user weight range

Total Weight: 7.9 lbs.

Part Number: 68202-00SUS Small 68202-00LUS Large

Harness Sizing Chart: Latchways Harness Sizing Chart

Additional Details

8.50 LBS
8.50 LBS
12.00 (in)
10.00 (in)
17.00 (in)
Weight Capacity:
310 Pounds
Webbing Material:
Polyester (Standard)
Size Type:
Leg Straps:
Quick-Connect Buckle
Connection Points:
Safety Standard:
Product Weight (lbs.):

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