Workwear - Hazmat - Hazmat Kits

HazMat kits are a way to take popular combinations of related products and bundle them up as a kit. The components we use are the same as sold to professional cleanup crews. Since we see the same basket of products going out on jobs large and small, it only makes sense to take the same approach for our DIY and homeowner users.

The pro’s usually buy in bulk, That is, full cases of Tyvek hazmat suits, filters and masks, etc. For the consumer we take those same products and let you ‘customize’ each kit to your own size and needs. In fact, we have sourced special ‘single’ packaging on the Tyvek suits just for this purpose. Shrink wrapped as a single suit makes it easy and quick for our warehouse to pull your order and get the right products to!

For example, most kits come with a full-body suit, half-mask respirator, safety gloves, and Pyramex goggles to protect your eyes. You can clean up spills and substances without damaging your health in the process.

Our hazmat suits are designed to keep you comfortable, so you and your team can move freely on the job. You can bend down, take a seat, stand, or walk without losing your balance or grip. Regardless of the kinds of hazards you’re dealing with on the job, use these hazmat suits to give yourself more peace of mind. 

As your workplace safety professionals, we’re here to answer all your questions. Contact us today to learn more about choosing the right hazmat suit for the job.