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Garlock LifePoint Standard Mobile Tie-Off Anchor 301512

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Garlock LifePoint Standard is a personal fall arrest system is a free-standing anchor point that can be placed on flat surfaces (single ply membrane, BUR, concrete, TPO, and EPDM roofs) with a maximum incline of 5%. LifePoint standard is a complete fall arrest system and works without penetrating the roof. When the LifePoint is set in place on the roof deck it provides the fall resistance needed to protect. LifePoint can be repositioned in a few minutes by one person.

Please call us at 800-829-9580 for an estimate and to place your order. Due to it's total weight, this system does not qualify for free shipping.

The optional Transporter cart may be purchased separately that allows for repositioning the anchorage quickly without disassembly. View it here.

Key Features:

  • Mobile fall tie-off anchor point that provides fall restraint for two workers simultaneously or one worker in fall restraint and another in fall arrest.
  • Non-penetrating design protects the surface integrity
  • Quick, easy assembly
  • Optional transporter allows fast re-positioning without disassembly
  • Coated with a resilient material to provide the required friction coefficient with roof and which also protects roof surfaces
  • Lift point makes hoisting to the roof safe and easy
  • Counterweights: 57 lbs each (14 required)
  • OSHA Spec Certified: 1926.502(d) (16) (iv) Fall Arrest
  • Fall Arrest Rated: (1) person
  • Fall Restraint Rated: (1) person
  • Approved Surface use: Poured Concrete, EDPM (adhered & loose laid), TPO (adhered & loose laid), BUR (swept)

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