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FrenchCreek Fall Safety

FrenchCreek Production is a U.S. company with a legacy of high-quality fall protection products at competitive prices, and they continue to be a trusted brand in fall arrest systems and innovations. They even offer fall protection, confined space, and rescue training programs to make sure that their customers have the hands-on training they need to stay safe and compliant. Fall protection in the form of gear is your last line of defense in the event of a fall, and other protections such as administrative controls and guardrails should be put into place before fall equipment rather than relying on the fall equipment alone. However, FrenchCreek Productions has products for every step of fall protection, and PK Safety can help you find the right ones.

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French Creek Bosun Chair Work Seat 4154



French Creek Stratos 6' Dual Web Pack-Style Shock Absorbing Lanyard


Every fall protection system needs a secure point to attach to. Whether it’s temporary or permanent and where this attachment will vary based on your industry and the job you’re doing. For instance, an anchor might be sized and temporarily mounted in a door or window opening like this Door Jamb Anchor, poured in place like the Concrete Hole Anchor, or permanently incorporated into a climbing system like the Flexible Cable Climbing System.

Full body harnesses are designed to protect workers in a fall. They do this not just by arresting a fall into the ground or another level, but with a design that evenly distributes intense fall forces over the upper thighs, pelvis, chest, and shoulders so one area isn’t getting all of the stress. FrenchCreek specializes in the design and functionality of full-body harnesses, so as long as you’re choosing the right harness for your job you’ll get the ideal harness. Consider a Tower Climbing Harness, a harness designed for comfortable use by female workers, or a Construction Harness designed to hold tools in addition to being comfortable, just to point out a few examples. 

While full body harnesses are designed to distribute body weight, anyone who’s dangling for even a short amount of time can suffer suspension trauma from the harness: French Creek has you covered with U-STEP Suspension Trauma Straps that attach to the full body harness and allow workers to step on them to alleviate the pressure.

Harnesses need to be secured to anchorage points, which is where connecting devices come in. Commonly used connecting devices include shock absorbing lanyards and self-retracting lifelines (SRLs). Your work environment and clearance requirements will determine what type and length of lifeline is the best for your work. If you need something lightweight and compact, synthetic rope is a good choice, and the Renegade line has a 13 foot compact SRL made from high-strength, wear-resistant webbing in a corrosion-resistant housing. For harsh environments that have sparks, abrasive, or corrosive materials, galvanized or stainless steel are much better materials: with FrenchCreek’s Outlaw 11 foot SRL, you get a choice between the materials.

Every job should have the equipment and training in advance of any emergencies. Rescue plans are a requirement of any worksite where falls are a hazard, and rescue plans should include devices to raise or lower fallen workers to a safer level. Fall Creek has several rescue systems with a tripod and rope winch useful for confined space situations, like this Confined Space Rescue System that also includes a harness. There’s also a Remote Prompt Rescue System for immediate worker assisted rescue that hooks directly onto a harness’ D-ring to allow an incapacitated worker to be pulled out.

Information about individual fall arrest system products and accessories can be found on their pages. For more information about fall protection products or worksite safety solutions, contact one of PK Safety’s safety experts.