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French Creek Portable Davit System PDS

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French Creek Portable Davit System SRL Mounting Bracket PD3

French Creek Portable Davit System Winch Mounting Bracket PD4

French Creek 50ft Galvanized Winch MW50G

French Creek Portable Davit System Mast Assembly PD1

French Creek 50ft Galvanized Rescue SRL R50G

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French Creek Portable Davit System is used to raise, lower, and suspend personnel performing routine work duties or to facilitate rescues in vertical confined space applications such as vaults, manholes, and pump stations. French Creek’s portable davit system can be equipped with a wide range of bases to suit the application of your specific jobsite. All of which are compatible with the PD1 Davit Mast Assembly.

Key Features:

  • Davit arm adjusts from 12”-30” offset reach to keep lifelines centered
  • 3-piece base includes integrated bullseye level & tool free adjustment
  • Complete system includes parts numbers:
    • PD1: Davit Mast Assembly
    • R50G: 50ft Galvanized Rescue SRL
    • PD3: SRL Mounting Bracket
    • PD4: Winch Mounting Bracket
    • MW50G: 50ft Galvanized Winch
  • Choice of Davit System Base:
    • PD2: Adjustable Davit System Base, width adjusts from 36”-60”
    • PD5: Core Mount Sleeve Davit Base, deigned for slip-in installation in concrete or in an existing steel structure
    • PD6: Floor Mount Cast-in-Place Base, cast-in design for new concrete construction installation (perfect for high-traffic areas)
    • PD7: Mount Sleeve Davit Base, bolts to horizontal concrete and steel structures
    • PD8: Wall Mount Sleeve Davit Base for shoring, wall and parapet locations
    • PD9: Barrel Mount Davit Base for bolt-on installation to existing edges, walls, and other properly rated structures
    • PD10: Hitch-Mount Davit Base, installs into class 3 minimum vehicle trailer hitch
  • Davit meets OSHA 1926.502 and 1910.66 regulations
  • Made in the USA

Part Number:

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