French Creek 25ft Remote Prompt Rescue System RPR-25

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The French Creek 25ft Remote Prompt Rescue System is designed for immediate worker assisted rescue. The system allows a capable worker to attach a raising/lowering system to the fallen workers harness D-ring, providing a means for rescue.

RPCC-12: 6’-12’ extendable rescue pole, carabiner holding clip, twist-lock carabiner w/ 1" gate, and 12” tagline, and bag.

99B-25: Lightweight, compact universal system that can be set up in a few seconds and performs a variety of functions. With a mechanical advantage of 3:1, it can easily be operated by one person. Should an emergency situation occur, a top-side observer or worker can utilize the system to rescue an incapacitated worker. The lightweight design is extremely beneficial, with a 200 ft. long system weighing in at only 52 lbs! The system comes complete with two carabiners, one for connection to the anchorage, one for connection to the user, plus an ascender handle with lanyard.

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