Fixed Gas Detector

Fixed point gas detectors are used to monitor specific areas over a long period of time. They are specifically designed for constant use. Typically, these units are wired to power (120 VAC, 24VDC, etc.) and left unattended to do their work. A wide variety of sensors ensures you have the right choice for your application.

We offer fixed point gas monitors from RKI Instruments and Honeywell. These are picked especially for their ease of installation and use. Whether monitoring for Hydrogen (H2) in a battery charging room, activating the fans in a parking garage when the Carbon Monoxide (CO) levels get too high, or meeting requirements for having a CO detector and interlock system for boiler rooms, these robust instruments work silently with minimal attention. Our product safety experts are available to help you work out the best system for your needs. Related products include gas detection tubesrespirator cartridges and docking stations for charging and connecting.

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