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A leader in Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for more than 45 years, MCR Safety is committed to protecting people and the planet. They offer eco-friendly safety gloves consisting of three facets that they feel achieve sustainability.


MCR's Ninja BNF Evolution Gloves with Ingenia has sustainability at its core to reduce the Carbon Footprint. In addition to 1/3 of the component materials [by weight] of the Ingenia liner being sustainably sourced, production requires 30% less energy and minimizes greenhouse emissions by as much as 60% of CO2 as compared to the production of nylon.


Under eco-friendly manufacturing, MCR's NXG Work Gloves rely less on electricity generated by coal, natural gas, and petroleum and more on alternative energy sources such as solar power. All exhaust gases are effectively collected and treated (water spray, catalytic oxidation) and converted into heat energy for recycling. There is zero contamination from premier water filtration and recycling system.


MCR's Ninja Lite Work Gloves are packaged in recycled paper to reduce waste impact and its carbon footprint while reducing the thickness of shipping and packaging materials.


MCR's Commitment To Eco-Friendly Workgloves
MCR wants to protect people and the planet by reducing the amount of resources used to create their PPE. Strike a balance of safety and sustainability with MCR PPE.

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