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DBI-SALA UltraLok 50 ft. RSQ Self-Retracting Lifeline

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The Ultra-Lok RSQ Self Retracting Lifeline is an innovative piece of fall arrest equipment, which not only acts as a SRL, but also offers an automated rescue system should you have a fall. The UltraLok is designed and built by the fall safety experts at DBI-SALA and Capital Safety, so you can be sure this is one quality lanyard. An SRL is a great piece of kit, giving you a level of on site flexibility that you can't achieve with a traditional lanyard. Thanks to the speed sensing brake falls are arrested in a matter inches, as opposed to feet, which greatly reduces fall forces and clearance requirements. The auto slacking line and retracting nature means less on site tripping or snagging of the lines too, making it all round safer and more convenient. The technology behind the rescue system (or RSQ system, as it is known) acts to arrest a fall, as with any other SRL, after this a special centrifugal brake activates to slowly lower the wearer down to the next level. This system can be turned on or off, but when active nothing need be done to start the RSQ mode after a fall, it will initiate all on its own. Constructed from durable thermoplastic and zinc-plated steel housing to protect the inner workings of the lanyard, this is a tough piece of kit. The 50 ft. line is made from 50 ft. of 4.7mm thick galvanized steel cabling, this can support a weight up to 310 lbs., and still keep fall forces below OSHA requirements. Should you need a more durable line a stainless steel option is available, making it ideal for coastal and marine work sites (should this not be tough enough for you, you may want to check out the IP68 weatherproof Sealed Blok SRL, also from DBI-SALA). The whole of the Ultra-Lok weighs only 19 lbs. and with a carrying handle built into the device, means it is a breeze to get set up on site. A spinning top connector and swivel hook are also available for further convenience you while working. The i-Safe tracking system is built right into the Ultra-Lok, allowing the simple scanning and logging of equipment: serial numbers, maintenance checks and issues can all be logged via portable scanners and stored online in DBI-SALA's secure web portal. The system utilizes RFID tags which require no batteries, and are grease, dust and waterproof; making them idea for routine checks and accountability monitoring.

Part Numbers:
3504550 Galvanized Wire Rope
3504552 Stainless Steel Wire Rope with Swivel Hook


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