DBI-SALA ExoFit NEX 5-Point Wind Energy Harness 1113212

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The ExoFit NEX Wind Energy Climbing Harness is a piece of work at heights fall protection kit from the wind turbine safety experts at DBI-SALA. Making full use of Capital Safety's industry expertise (qualified training experts and wind turbine engineers are regularly consulted during development), the ExoFit harness is a piece of personal protective equipment with a wealth of patents and features for security, comfort and on the job convenience.Both strong and comfortable, the ExoFit is built around one single piece of X-shaped webbing; offering a remarkably comfortable, no hassle fit. Integrated padding in the legs and shoulders features a breathable mesh to prevent chafing. The harness is rated up to 140kg, incredibly strong and offering you the ability to carry tools on site; saving time, which is essential for, extended work at height sessions. Tech-Lite Aluminum D-rings are standard on the ExoFit series; normally used only by the military or aerospace industries these give an impressive strength to weight ratio. Present on the front, sides and back, this makes a big difference to the weight of the kit, and the comfort of the wearer. The rear D-ring features a patented spring-mount, making it upright and easily accessible, speeding up tying off and preventing twists. Duo-Lok quick lock buckles, Revolver adjuster straps and Ultra Soft edging give you reliable, once-a-day adjustment; meaning you can work comfortably and securely over extended periods of time.Built right into the strap of the harness is DBI-SALA's innovative new i-Safe system. Read from an integrated RFID chip in the harness, the serial number and any events concerning the gear can be logged via a portable reader and safely stored in a secure web portal, you can track the use and maintenance of your gear easily. To further the security, and as standard on DBI-SALA kit, Rip-Stitch impact indicators let you easily assess the hard wear for signs of an impact, and the webbing is water and abrasion resistant, preventing the growth of mold and meaning it last much, much longer. Available in a range of sizes, to give you an ideal fit and secure and comfortable working harness, the ExoFit NEX is fully OSHA, ANSI and CE compliant for fall protection gear. Meaning it can be used worldwide for wind turbine construction, manufacture, engineering or other work at heights jobs, such as telecoms (cell phone tower maintenance) construction, engineering (oil rigs, refineries, gasworks etc). Wherever working for extended time in a harness is likely, you would hope to find something as comfortable and reliable as this.

Part Numbers:
1113210 Small
1113211 Medium
1113212 Large
1113213 Extra-Large

Additional Details:

9.00 LBS
16.00 (in)
12.00 (in)
20.00 (in)
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Webbing Material:
Repel Polyester
Safety Standard:
Leg Straps:
Quick-Connect Buckle
Country of Origin:
United States
Harness Style:
Wind Energy
Weight Capacity:
420 lbs. (190 kg)
Body Belt:
Buckle Type:
Duo-Lok Quick Connect
Harness Application:
Padding Location Type:
Shoulder/Back and Leg
Torso Buckle Material:
Zinc Plated Steel
Leg Buckle Material:
Zinc Plated Steel
D-ring Placement:
Chest Buckle Material:
Zinc Plated Steel