Custom Alarm Setting and Calibrations

 Custom Calibration and Setting Services

PK Safety offers custom calibration and alarm point setting services at our Factory Authorized Service Center.

We have technicians that can customize unique settings on your gas monitors.

Need custom alarm points?

We can configure your gas monitors to have the required alarm point settings the same day we receive them. Or order new monitors direct from us and we can configure unique settings and get them to you faster than the manufacturer.

We currently offer custom services on BW Technologies Monitors:
Custom Calibration Pricing: Volume discounts over 5 monitors.
  • 1-5 monitors: $15 per monitor
  • 6-15 monitors: $10 per monitor
  • 16-50 monitors: $7 per monitor
  • 51-100 monitors: $5 per monitor
  • 101-200 monitors: $3 per monitor
  • More than 200: $2 per monitor

For Custom Calibrations and Alarm Point Setting Services direct from PK Safety, call us at 1-800-829-9580 or email to learn more, get a quote, or make your order today.

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