Cotton Safety Gloves

When it comes to staying warm on the job and keeping your hands clean, cotton safety gloves are a good choice. They’re light enough that they won’t get in your way, but they will also protect you and your team from a range of mild hazards on the job. Another common use for cotton gloves is product protection. When keeping fingerprints or skin oils off of delicate surfaces.

They’re perfect for household jobs like gardening, yard work, and clearing debris. Cotton safety gloves are much more affordable than other types of safety gloves, making them a wise investment for your business. At PK Safety, we sell a range of inexpensive cotton safety gloves, many of which come in bulk, helping you save even more. 

Most of our cotton safety gloves are made with a mix of cotton and polyester, which keeps them breathable and flexible. You can stretch them in nearly every direction, so they won’t limit your range of movement on the job. These soft materials will keep your team warm all winter long while protecting their hands from dirt, debris, and other messy items in the field.

String knit gloves are a great solution when you need hand protection but don't want to get overheated. If you’re trying to protect your team from various fire hazards, cuts, burns, and potentially dangerous chemicals, it’s best to use leather gloves or heat-resistant gloves instead, but cotton safety gloves are much more effective when it comes to everyday tasks and handiwork. Consider your work environment before investing in safety gloves. 

If you’re looking for durable cotton safety gloves, browse our selection below to find the best set of gloves for you and your team.